Well Child Checks

Well Child Checks at Swain Family Care include:

Infants are seen within days of discharge from the hospital then at one week for weight checks or follow up as needed. 

One Month Exam - weight check 

2, 4, & 6 month Exams (well child visits must be 2 months apart after 2 months old) 

9 month - Exam and hemoglobin check 

12 month - Exam and lead check (after 1 year well child visit must be one year and one day apart) 

2 years - Exam, lead, hemoglobin check 

3 years - Exam, hearing and vision screening, hemoglobin 

4 & 5 years - Exam, hearing & vision screening, hemoglobin, stereopsis (the perception of 3-dimensional shapes), color-blind screening

6-18 years - Exam, hemoglobin, hearing and vision screening.

** Walk-Ins for sick visits are offered daily for established patients.
Mon-Fri 8-9 am, and Monday 4 pm until 5 pm
Appointments are available daily by calling (828)488-4205